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Photography is displaying a moment in time. That's it, period, no matter if it's an awe inspiring landscape, the texture of sunlight reflected off a building, a smile from a 1-year old, or a wedding ceremony joining two people in bliss for their life's journey.

I 'discovered' photography way back when I received a Kodak pocket instamatic camera for Christmas. It came in a kit with a magicube flash bulb and a 110 film cartridge and this was so cool because you could slip the camera in your back pocket and take pictures on the go, provided you didn't sit down anywhere. That same year, a good friend of mine with a SLR film camera, showed me a few black and white photos he had taken and I was completely hooked. Now, in the digital world, I go to great lenghts to examine the light falling on a subject or landscape and try to capture a scene from the best angle in order to fully interpret the natural art.

"Let me immortalize your precious memories and moments in time."